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And his amazing butterfly paradise

82 year old Willem bought an remote potato farmfield back in 1980 and transformed it into a butterfly paradise. For almost 40 years he works the land with shovel and scythe in order to preserve the butterflies. Willem's paradise has become one of the most important habitats in the region for these fluttering beauties. 

But Willem has a problem. Due to an overload of nitrogen in the air, Willem’s flower rich butterfly paradise gets slowly driven away by a monoculture of grass. Butterflies that used to be normal just a few decades ago are rare these days, or have completely disappeared.


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And his tiny insect museum

Mackanzie is a 4th generation insect collector who started a tiny insect museum in the picturesque Italian village Pitigliano. He is extremely knowledgeable about a big range of insects, and has many great adventurous stories about his and his ancestors travels.

Mackanzie holds over 23.000 insects in his tiny museum, lots of them have been collected early 20th century by his great-great-grandfather. Many of these impressive insects are extinct today because of habitat loss or pollution. He probably even held some of the last well kept bodies of extinct species. Mackanzies Museum gives us a unique insight in recent human history on how we have exploited our planet. But also shows the extreme richness of beautiful creatures all over the world.





In 2017 researchers discovered that over three-quarters of all insects have died over the past 25 years, which is a massive ecological disaster. What was the impact of this news on the general public? News Items are mostly informative, but do not speak to the imagination. How can you let people care about an unpopular subject such as insects? We need Insect Guardians!

This serie is an ode to Insect Guardians like Willem and Mackanzie who live their lives in order to protect insects. These inspiring characters show us the challenges insects face today, and how we are able to solve them. The fairytale-like worlds created by our Insect Guardians are portaited through dreamlike human and insect cinematography.

Insect Guardians are extreme examples of how individual people can make a big impact. Through these stories, the series mission is to motivate the viewers to help save insects. Viewers get a glimpse in insect lives, but most importantly recieve a handful of easy steps to protect them. Willem for example is calling us to remove two-third of all concrete out of our gardens and replace it with Butterfly Bush. Sit back, relax and enjoy the butterflies! These steps will have a big impact on ecosystems globally and locally.




At the moment we are searching for disctibution and finance for this project. Please contact us for more information. We will be attending Wildscreen Festival this year and would like to set up a meeting to discuss the project in more detail.

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Wild Step

Wild Step is an independent production company specialised in wildlife and conservation filmmaking. It is our mission to activate a sense of wonder for nature through our films. Show the viewers the highly diverse wild planet we live on and the people who step up in order to protect it. We believe that the use of high-end wildlife and conservation films can trigger people's love for nature. We are all formed by media and communication, Wild Step gives the viewers a push in the right direction in order to preserve our environment.

We are a production team with a wide range of experience in natural history filmmaking. We produce content for cinema, internet, video installation and television productions. We search for the creative boundaries in order to use great storytelling for the best possible format. Wild Step films have been selected on several wildlife and mountain filmfestivals.

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