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Europa's Wilde Iconen

Media channel:   New television format, film festival
Year of production:   2017
Length:   23:20
Role:   Entire production (animation by Tim Hannekamp)

After a filming expedition in the Italian Alps trying to document the fights of the Alpine Ibex I came up with a new television format: Europa’s Wilde Iconen (Europe Wildest Icons). Most Dutch inhabitants do not know how beautiful and special European wildlife and nature reserves are. I wanted to change that by developing a new television show. In this show a small group consisting of a filmmaker, a biologist and an adventurer would go on expeditions in Europe to film its most iconic wildlife.The Dutch public broadcaster NPO3 was really interested but declined the format in the end. I am now looking for new distribution possibilities.

The pilot was my first vlog experiment. It was lots of fun to make. The pilot has been shown at the Dutch Mountain Film Festival.


5 min teaser