Positive nature conservation films with a strong visual storytelling style


What it means

Wild Step means “to venture the unbeaten path”. Having the guts to step off these well-traversed paths in order to find one’s own path might be muddy and hard and might lead to some toe-stepping. But it can ultimately lead to inspiration and motivation for thousands of others. Wild Step tends to find and connect individuals who have taken this ‘wild step’ and spread their messages throughout its projects.

Wild Step takes a ‘wild step’ when it comes to style of filmmaking. Thematic and expressive cinematography with experimental, alternative storytelling techniques define Wild Step. Its mission is to activate a sense of wonder for nature. Wild Step is energised and driven to mark its step in the nature & conservation film scene!

Wild Step productions

Wild Step is an independent award-winning production company specialised in wildlife and conservation filmmaking, founded by Tim Visser. High-end wildlife and conservation films trigger people's love for nature. Showing the viewers our highly diverse wild planet and showing the people who step up in order to protect it, pushes viewers in the right direction to preserve our environment. After all, we are all formed by media and communication.

Wild Step is specialised in the power of short film, but is currently also producing its first full length feature film.